Case Studies

For over half a century, Canny, Bowen has been recruiting senior level industry, legal, and financial services professionals for companies of all sizes and descriptions including: Fortune 500, private equity, middle market and early stage privately held companies. The seven searches below were for large, global, blue chip companies and demonstrate our breadth of experience and ability to outperform the very large search firms.

  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Chief Litigation Attorney

Pfizer, Inc.
Chief Legal Officer
Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company

The company had never recruited externally for a direct report to its CEO and sought a General Counsel with a business orientation and leadership skills to be a potential CEO successor.

Although Canny, Bowen was recommended by a prominent attorney at a preeminent law firm in New York City, we were competing for the assignment against two huge global search firms and had never before worked for the company. We were awarded the assignment, completed it in a timely fashion and our candidate was elected Chief Executive Officer four years later.


IBM Corporation
Chief Financial Officer
Fortune 50 Technology Company

After 10 months of unsuccessful effort by one of the large global search firms, Canny, Bowen was retained to recruit the company’s Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer.

We completed the search within four months, recruiting the CFO of a Fortune 100 global technology company. Our placement went on to become general manager for two of our client’s key strategic business units.


The Hartford
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Major Insurance Company

Although we had never worked for an insurance company before and were competing for the assignment with three other huge search firms, Canny, Bowen was selected for this search. A slate of diversity candidates was essential.

The unresolved issue during the entire search process was the balance between marketing experience and communications experience of each of our candidates. Ultimately this issue was resolved and a diversity candidate was hired with the unanimous vote of the search committee.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC
Chief Information Officer
Fortune Global Top 10 Energy Company

From an IT perspective, the company faced enormous challenges and needed to recruit a CIO who could lead an ambitious two‐year program of rationalization and consolidation among the IT organizations resident in its four major global business units and its centralized IT services organization.

Supporting a $150 billion plus company and overseeing a 7,000 person IT organization, this was one of the biggest CIO positions in the world. Canny, Bowen completed the search within three months.


IBM Corporation
Chief Strategy Officer
Fortune 50 Technology Company

In the middle of a cultural transformation, the company retained Canny, Bowen to find a Chief Strategy Officer to report to the newly arrived CEO. The guidance we received was limited to a 15‐minute phone conversation with the CEO who advised us to look in places you would least expect to find this person.

Within five months, Canny, Bowen finished the project and eighteen months later our candidate was appointed to the Operating Committee. Three years later, Marketing was added to his Strategy responsibilities.

Campbell Soup Company
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

After nine months working with a large global search firm without success, the client terminated that relationship and retained Canny, Bowen. This position was responsible for the management of global manufacturing, engineering, customer service, logistics and procurement overseeing 15,000 employees. We completed the search in fourteen weeks.

Our strategy included identifying which consumer products companies had best‐in‐class integrated supply chain functions. In addition to senior executives in the consumer products industry, we networked extensively with supply chain experts at global consulting firms such as McKinsey, AT Kearney and Booz Allen & Hamilton.


General Electric Company
Chief Litigation Attorney
Fortune 10 Diversified Company

After eight months working, unsuccessfully, with a contingency search firm specializing in senior level legal searches, the client retained Canny, Bowen to recruit a head of litigation for a major division of this company.

Within eight weeks, we presented four candidates, one of whom was hired to fill the position. One of our other three candidates was deemed overqualified and was offered a higher‐level position with responsibility for all litigation and legal policy for the entire corporation.